Oh dear what can I say, its fucking October already, I swear 2019 is flying by so fast. Oh and 10% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE!!

Im gonna be old and decrepit and Ill have to leave the server to a padawan at this rate, phew. Update time, I have updated the entire store, this is gonna be a long one.

 - Monthly Reset - Completed

 - Spawners - Completed (Added new ones, fixed the commands)

 - Virtual Chest - Completed (You can now buy 3 virtual double chests!) (option only shows to people who bought Virtual Chest#1)

 - Community Goal - ACTIVE (we reached last months community goal, tech it was 2months... So its active!)

More Info on the Website and Discord, You know how it goes. Stay safe out there!


Hope you all are having a good 'ol time on Synergy, we love having you!



Peaches and I would like to thank anyone who donates to the server, we are so grateful for any donation <3

All donations go back into the server, keeping it running and buying new plugins etc.